SOFEX 2014 - Heli Firepower.
IHS Jane's 360
Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc company (Hall 6, Stand B640) has two of its iconic helicopters on static display at SOFEX, both armed to the teeth.

The Bell 407GT is a militarised version of the commercially qualified 407GX, featuring a fully integrated Garmin G1000H flight deck.

Among the armament options are AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, light munitions such as the Dillon M134D Mini-gun or .50-calibre machine gun, and laser-guided weapons. The weapon shown here is the BAE Systems Advanced Precision Kill Weapons System (APKWS). These armaments are carried on the universal weapons pylon (UWP) derived from the battle-proven Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior. Installation or removal of the UWP can be accomplished in 30 minutes.

Typical missions envisaged with the Bell 407GT range from tactical air assault and troop transport to reconnaissance and search and rescue (SAR).

The helicopter’s spacious interior has ample seating for personnel fully equipped with weapons and ammunition, thus providing a single platform for troop insertion/extraction, reconnaissance and close air support. Moreover, it allows for a variety of multi-mission applications, such as command and control with commander stations installed behind the flight crew, or medevac by removing seats. Sliding doors on both sides allow for rapid ingress and egress, while high-visibility windows enhance situational awareness.

For superior long-range reconnaissance and laser designation capabilities, the 407GT can accommodate several daylight and infrared sensor options, ranging from Wescam’s MX-15Di to the FLIR Talon/8500.

An optional chaff-flare dispensing system is available for enhanced mission survivability.

The Show Daily understands that the helicopter on display will remain in Jordan for one more week for a series of demonstrations of its weapons and capabilities.

Parked alongside the Bell 407GT is the venerable Huey II, also sporting a range of light weapons, including M134 Mini-gun on both sides, rocket launcher and light machine gun.

The innovative weapon mount folds into the cabin, leaving the exterior entirely clean. According to Bell, the mount can be removed in less than an hour. Also on display is the V-22 Osprey tiltrotor.